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We place over a billion impressions on behalf of 100+ advertisers annually.
We’re the largest instatement insert agency/broker in the nation.
We are the original and exclusive developers of the pre-inserted shopping bag marketing tactic.
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the insert Media Advantage

With targeting options that let you zero in on your ideal customer, we empower you with the tools to make the most of your marketing campaign. Insert media is unique in that it offers the potential for large rollout as well as implicit endorsement from the program issuers, and all within your budget. 

Don’t worry about the legwork, as we’ll take care of most of the process for you. And results are tracked, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and adjust accordingly with each placement. With this approach, you’ll be on the right track to promoting your brand to a wider audience and driving more sales!

Statement Inserts

Have your printed ads machine-inserted into the monthly billing statement envelopes of your choice of retail credit card, bank credit card, loans, cable/internet, or utility bills. With a 100% open rate, these credit-worthy audiences are a must-test.

Shopping Bag Inserts

Push your advertising message, promotions, and product samples to your customers at the point of transaction by having them pre-inserted into retail shopping bags. With this innovative marketing strategy, your ad will be conveniently visible from outside the bag, maximizing exposure and engagement. Target specific locations by DMAs or zip codes, and create customized campaigns that speak directly to your desired audience.

Package Inserts & blow-ins

These inserts are placed in the box or polybag of outgoing product shipments, or “blown-in” between catalog pages. With high open rates and low cost-per-lead, PIPs, and blow-in programs have become effective tools for many advertisers. Choose the right program based on customer demographics and usage.

co-ops & Shared Mail

Include your offer in a group mailing along with offers from several other advertisers for shared cost. Co-op and shared mail programs are designed to be affordable, reaching a larger demographic and catering to specific locations while keeping expenses low.

Digital Media

Put your brand in front of loyal retail customers with a low churn rate via email, desktop, mobile, and app. By targeting customers based on their product preferences, past purchases, and other activities, we can ensure that your brand is being presented to people who are most likely to engage with it. 

Our Turnkey Process

Don’t add another project to your to-do list. We take care of:


Media Planning & Buying

Creative Development & Design

Printing Services

Collation Services

Mailing Services

Results Analysis

Out-Of-Home Advertising

Have you thought about advertising on billboards, posters, or signs? What about on bar coasters, pizza boxes, door hangers, coffee sleeves, rooftop taxi signs, or even full bus wraps? We can help you gain access to discounted airline and airport ads, bus shelter graphics, and subway or train station ads. Target specific neighborhoods in suburban or urban areas, go local or national, and scale your campaign to fit your budget.

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