The Right Team

In order to grow your list rental income or bring your list to the marketplace in a profitable manner, you need the right list management team.Specialists Marketing Services, Inc. is the largest privately held list company in the nation. We attract some of the world’s best-known brands and are recognized as leaders and innovators in the industry. Our successful operation translates into an unmatched network of brokers and mailers who trust us to fulfill all of their list management needs.

Leveraging Intelligence

We pride ourselves in maintaining a broad range of diverse clients in many different marketplaces. This enables us to make successful recommendations, both in and out of category, and generate more revenue for our clients. Because we manage so many category leaders, we attract orders from all market segments and can leverage this intelligence to benefit your rental program. With this intelligence,Specialists Marketing Services, Inc. will aggressively represent your list to both brokers and mailers.

Driving Success Through Face-To-Face Interaction

It is the SMS belief that face-to-face meetings should be at the forefront of a list manager’s strategy. A list manager-broker relationship should start with the shaking of a hand and exchange of a smile, focus on the sharing of meaningful information, and end with a dynamic strategy which meets each client’s goal in its entirety. Our track record consistently proves that we go beyond what is expected and use the power of face-to-face interaction to maximize understandings and drive success.

Harness Key Marketing Activity & Trends

The SMS List Management team also enjoys the benefit of a close relationship with the SMS List Brokerage team, who acquires several billion customer addresses for direct marketing promotions. This relationship allows our management team to stay aware of marketing activity across the industry, identify trends, and ensure a greater likelihood that our lists will be included in our broker’s recommendations.

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