Achieve Unbeatable Value

Specialists Marketing Services, Inc. stands apart from the competition by having the most exceptional team of brokers in the nation. Each broker comes from a unique background and specializes in a specific area of list brokerage, such as:

  • Catalog

  • Publishing

  • Health

  • B2B

  • Financial

  • Multicultural

  • Fundraising

It is this unparalleled depth and diversified experience that leads to our unbeatable value.

Get The Most Out Of Your Campaign

One of the most important aspects of a direct mail campaign is the list. We specialize in compiling the most effective lists and ensure that prospects are within your defined target market. Time and time again these lists meet or exceed the expectations of major organizations we service.

Fully Immersed Brokerage

Our brokers pride themselves in becoming fully involved in a client’s campaign. In addition to providing mail planning and analytical services, they also look to identify trends, provide alerts to threats and opportunities, and solve complex marketing problems. In addition, they are strong negotiators, leveraging the SMS relationships to keep list costs as low as possible. The depth of our brokers’ experience enables them to speak well beyond just lists. Every client receives the full attention of a seasoned veteran.

Build A Partnership

SMS goes beyond ordinary broker relationships and creates extraordinary long-term partnerships. We believe that a client’s success is a measure of our own. You will have total assurance that we will protect your business and interests and hold all client information in the strictest confidence. That is why over forty leading national marketing organizations and dozens of mid-size companies trust us and benefit from our passionate approach to list brokerage.

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