Reach Consumers Where You Never Could Before

Specialists Marketing Services, Inc. is a leader in the Insert Media industry. Our team is the largest instatement insert agency/broker in the nation with a 35-year operating history and approximately 1 billion impressions placed annually.

Insert media gives marketers the opportunity to reach consumers in places where they never could before; creating marketing efforts that are both complementary to other channels, and powerful standalone marketing pieces. Channels include:

  • Instatement Inserts

  • Package Inserts

  • Free Standing Inserts

  • Point of Sale Receipts

  • Blow-Ins

  • Ride-Alongs

  • Co-branded Opportunities

  • Co-branded Email

  • Cooperative Mailers and Card Decks

  • Account Online Banner Advertisements

  • Magazine and Newspaper Advertising


Specialists Marketing Services, Inc. can help you generate income through your own established resources. Any direct mail that your company sends to customers and prospects represents a contact opportunity and therefore has inherent income potential. Our experienced Insert Media Management team will show you how to take advantage of this opportunity by selling advertising space in your packaging to non-competing companies. Your company can generate additional advertising revenue and offset your existing overhead costs.

Our team of experts handles everything from start to finish. We promote your program, mail to participating advertisers, and coordinate the delivery and insertion of the advertising piece. We can offer you design services for your insertion piece as well. Our creative team has unparalleled insert design experience and has worked with many Fortune 100 clients.

Leverage The Power of INSERT Media

Only instatement inserts can claim to have a 100% open rate. Customers are required to open and pay their bills, which can guarantee that your message will be seen. Our reach includes billing statements for utilities, cable, telecommunications, mortgages, loans, bank cards and more. With several formats available, see how instatement marketing can work for you.

In addition to high open rates, lower cost per impression, and several opportunities for engagement, you benefit from being associated with the issuer of the billing statement, the specific institution, or the consumer’s favorite store sharing in the trust of their consumers. Insert media allows an advertiser to fill the gaps in a campaign and target qualified prospects in a unique and effective way.

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